TOP 15-the most surprising photos and holiday destinations!


The photo shows the impressive building of Central Station in Gdansk, one of the most beautiful and surprising cities in Poland.
The train station was built at the end of the 19th century. Its magnificent architectural style resembles Colmar Central Station in France, also called ‘ its twin sister’.

14. Autumn in the Netherlands

13.The Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal

The impressive palace is located in the Sintra Mountains, from where you can admire the fascinating panorama of the city with the same name. The Sintra Palace dates from the 19th century and it is part of ‘The Seven Wonders of Portugal’ and at the same time as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

12. The Budapest Christmas Fair

The most beautiful Christmas fair in Europe, in 2019, was named one of the fascinating capital of Hungary, Budapest. The Christmas Fair is organized in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica and can be visited until January 1, 2020.

11. Piata Sfatului, Brasov, Romania

The photo was taken this fall, during a trip to Brasov and portrays the beauty, atmosphere and architectural charm of this city.


The photo was taken in Meta di Sorrento, a small town in southern Italy, located near Sorrento, on the Amalfi Coast.
Meta di Sorrento impresses with its wonderful landscapes and breathtaking views.
If you plan to visit next year this charming location, I recommend you not to miss the amazing sunset reflected on the Mediterranean Sea!

9. The amphitheater in Pompeii, Italy

The photography was taken in one of the amphitheaters of the ‘disappeared’ city of Pompeii. The city is located in the south of Italy, near Naples. It is also called the “disappeared city” because it was destroyed by the violent eruption of Vesuvius volcano, being covered by lava and ash. The city of Pompeii is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, being one of the most visited tourist attractions in Europe due to its history and ruins.

8. Cathedral of St. John,The Netherlands

The photograph shows the interior of the impressive Gothic cathedral St. John from the town of Den Bosch, The Netherlands. The Roman-Catholic cathedral was built in 1366 and impresses with its unique architectural style and spectacular interior details.

7. Fontana di Trevi, Italy

The photo was taken in Rome and shows one of the largest fountains in Italy and one of the most famous fountains in the world. It was created in 1762 by the architect Nicole Salvi and the completion of the architect Giuseppe Pannini.

6. The city of Utrecht, The Netherlands

The photography was taken in the center of Utrecht and contains the most important Dutch symbols: the Gothic cathedral, the distinctive architectural style of the Dutch buildings, the charming streets, the colorful and cared flowers, the bicycle ride.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

The photo was taken on a summer day in the center of the beautiful city of Prague. It captures the details of Prague architecture and the charm of this beautiful city.

4. Cologne Cathedral, Germany

The photography was taken in Cologne, Germany, and captures the spectacular architectural details of the famous Catholic Cathedral.The construction of the cathedral began in 1248. Cologne Cathedral is part of the Unesco World Heritage and is recognized as one of the most famous symbols of German Gothic architecture and Catholicism.

3. Sorrento, Italy

The photography was taken in the beautiful Italian city of Sorrento. The city is located on the Amalfi Coast and is also known as the city of ‘lemons’ here being the most delicious lemons in Italy.
The city surprises through the dreamy landscapes that cut your breath, above the Bay of Naples, the sea of a turquoise blue, the narrow streets, the fabulous panoramas and the hospitality of the inhabitants.


The photography shows a typical Dutch construction, which preserved the architecture of the traditional houses in the area. You can visit this original building in Zaandam, a city near Amsterdam and if you want, you can stay in it, as it is the headquarters of the Inntel Hotel.

1.Utrecht,The Netherlands

The photo was taken in Utrecht and shows some of the uniqueness and beauty of the city of Utrecht, a travel destination worth visiting if you arrive in the Netherlands.

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