10 Useful Tips for your next trip or holiday

1.Organize your holiday at least three months ahead, according to your budget and your desired destination!

2. If you book your accommodation, on Booking.com, Expedia, Trip Advisor or other travel search engines, use the “free cancellation” option!
In case something unpredicted happens, and you cancel your holiday, you will save some money!

3.    Try not to purchase, flight tickets at the weekend, when the price of them increases considerably!Statistiques show that you can buy the cheapest flight tickets for Tuesday flights and the most expensive for Saturday flights.

4.  Try to follow up, flight discounts on air-companies websites, or other specialized companies in promoting different holiday offers!

5.    Try to purchase, the flight tickets directly from the air company website, in this manner, you will not pay other intermediate costs!

6. Firstly, buy your flight tickets, and afterward book your accommodation at the hotel or the AIR BNB place, it depends on your preferences!

7.    If you choose to travel abroad, don’t forget to purchase the travel insurance for you and your family!

8.  Try to check in advance, on the internet, how the weather will be the time you want to travel! It is not desirable to get in an area where it rains often, or there are very high temperatures, every day.

9.   If you have a connecting flight and the waiting time is over three hours, don’t waste your time inside the airport. Go and explore the city and its surroundings!

10.   Most of the airports have exceptional public transport connections with the city center ( by train, metro or shuttle bus) and the prices are very decent. Just use them! In this way, you won’t do some extra expenses, and you will save your budget.

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